Healing Intimacy

How can we deepen the connection in relationships and find a new authentic way of relating to each other?

I want to offer to you a safely held space where we can look at all forms of relationships in a honest and real way, form new friendships to deeper bonds. 


There are two forms of workshops:


The Healing Intimacy 1  – Finding Connection workshop is an open playground to meet new people, as we change pairs and connect with as many people in one workshop as possible. 


The Healing Intimacy 2 – Deepening the Connection is a workshop where we work with one partner throughout the workshop, and the intention is to deepen this existing friendship or long term partnership. 


In the Healing Intimacy Workshops we work on honest communication and we strive to be a bit more open and authentic and real than usual. You can show up with your friend, your sister or brother, your lover, partner or your mother – you choose. As long as  you both have the intention to learn to know each other better and deepen your relationship.


I guide and support you through the exercises and you get to connect with each other in a real, authentic and vulnerable way.


We experience together:


  • Grounding meditations

  • Eye gazing

  • Sharing

  • Exercises that include non-sexual unconditional physical touch

  • Communication Exercises


This workshop is for you if you are willing to:


  • Be honest and present with yourself and your practice partner

  • Express your feelings out loud to your practice partner

  • Touch each other and be close physically and emotionally (non-sexual touch)

  • Expand your comfort zone and try something new

  • Look your loved one, sibling or close friend in the eyes with an open heart


And even if these things would feel challenging and scary for you in this particular relationship – I invite you to come anyway.


*This workshop is NOT for you if you want to stay in your comfort zone and avoid confronting your feelings and control patterns. 


Healing Intimacy Workshops image


” I found Mia to be a gentle, calm and supportive facilitator who guided the Healing Intimacy workshop with empathy and compassion.
Her breadth of experience with tantra and radical honesty was obvious, as she gave logical explanations to the exercises and adapted them in ways for everyone to feel safe and the benefit. I especially appreciated that there was no ‘fluff’ or ‘filler’ exercises, everything had its purpose and it’s place in the progression of the workshop.
I attended with my best friend of 6 years and can confidently report that we are closer and more intimate that we have ever been before. 

I feel more of the world needs this work that Mia offers. I imagine it would be a kinder place, if we all worked little by little on our relationships and that extended through the branches of our friends and family trees.”

– Rose Owen, Co-Founder of BeBakku

Rose Owen and Elena