"find and

free your voice"

I’m Mia Renwall, and as a coach I am deeply inspired by the human voice and clear communication.

I am here to support you when you want to find a deeper understanding of your voice and  find a deeper connection with your loved ones and friends by being honest, open and authentic.


In the past 10 years I have gone through a long healing journey myself. During this time I have participated in numerous tantra workshops and researched and tried out different forms of therapy. Those therapies include Rosen therapy, Gestalt therapy, Somatic trauma therapy and different communication workshops such as Non-Violent Communication and Radical Honesty.

In 2018, while I lived on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, I attended a 200-hour Tantra teacher training at Samma Karuna Awakening, Yoga & Tantra School, as well as a Taoist Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage workshop at the TaoValley school under the guidance of Valerie Parisius.

In 2020-2021 I attended the 9 month Radical Honesty Trainer Foundations online training. The training gives me the basic tools of coaching Radical Honesty to individuals and groups and holding better space for my clients.  I also participated in Susan Campbell’s 6 week coach training during spring 2021. In this training I have learned a lot about a more trauma-informed approach when coaching my clients.


In my home country, Finland, you can hear my voice on TV, in the radio, in shopping malls and train stations all over the country. You may have heard my voice as you call the Telia customer service, or on the TV channel FOX Finland.

If you would like me to record a voice over for your business, you can request to use my voice with the voice banks Dictum, Audiospot and Online Voices or you can contact me directly. I have a home studio where you can be present with the client on Zoom as I record the voice overs for your company. You can find my voice samples in the Soundcloud player at the bottom of this page.


As a vocal coach I am specialised in coaching actors and public speakers. I help them find a better speech technique in their voice, and how they can become voice over artists. However, my deepest passion is to coach individuals regardless of their experience level. I support them to find more emotional ease in using their voice.

In addition to my studies at the Helsinki Theatre Academy, I have also studied emotional coaching. If you face any challenges with your voice, with me you can find a safe space. We can find ease, strength and warmth to your voice. Through this link you can read more about my vocal coaching sessions.


After working with the a cappella group FORK in 2006-2010, I looked for the right team for my solo project for a long time. After visiting the Voice of Finland competition back in 2011, I built a strong team of co-writers and producers like Kalle Chydenius, Anni Mattila and Kalle Koivisto (Kemopetrol) around me and my first EP HOME was released in the spring of 2015.

Max Lapinsuo-Sylwén (Winning team) from VENT Music was in charge of producing my single Full Circle Rainbow, which was published in the summer of 2016. The single was also chosen as the anthem of Helsinki Pride. I got to perform in front of 30.000 people at the Pride festivities that year. I have also performed at the Natural High Healing Festival in Finland, and at the One Tribe festival on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. At the moment I’m taking a break from pursuing my solo career and focusing more on coaching and facilitating workshops. Maybe one day when I have more time on my hands I will release more of my music again. My desk drawer is already full of new material.

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